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Spa Facilities

Our Spa is a zone for comfort, replenishment and rejuvenation.A place to stimulate your senses and nourish your body. What we offer:

A Massage Center : An abode of glass and steel, our massage center helps renew your health and spirits. It mirrors our philosophy of providing quality service without any additional frills. We offer a full host of massage services which include Swedish and Ayurvedic massages for pain management, muscle relaxation, de-stressing and also detoxification. We use only the best products in the market and boast of skilled masseurs who are extremely competent at what they do.

Steam Bath: We offer Free Steam bath Facilities to our member and non-member guests.It helps ease your stress, clear you mind and reenergize. Additional benefits include Body Detoxifiction, Immune System Enhancement, Skin Nourishment and Fat Emulsification.

Additionally, we also offer fitness assessments and dietary and nutritional guidance to all our members. This benefits all those who may have a certain fitness level in mind but may not know how best to achieve it. Our experts can offer healthy and hassle free ways to reach your fitness goals in the shortest span of time.

Main Club Services

Bodybuilding Supplements