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  • Hyderabad's largest gym facility with 38 cardio stations

  • World's best cardio equipment from Precor

  • Only gym with Cybex Arc Trainers

Fitness Club

Proquest is a 18,000 sq.ft gym and spa facility primarily focusing on giving our clients the fastest, best and most essential workout experience.

For those who are irked by the idea of waiting in the wings for a treadmill or those who are tired of having their workout sets cut short because of a lack of available weights, we would just like to ask, why wait? read more...

Fitness & Updates

Blast Your Abs Without A Single Crunch

To truly carve your core, get up off the floor. Certain upper-body moves fire up your six-pack muscles as much as—if not more than—crunches. A new study in the Journal of ...

Cardio or Weights First?

If you’re keeping score in the debate over which part of your workout comes first, a new study seems to add a point in the column for cardio.

Few basic rules for a Healthy Heart

Are you doomed to heart disease? Given the fact that it’s the most common killer of men, you’d be forgiven for thinking as much.

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"The large variety of activities in the largest gym space, offering exciting new workouts every day of the week, never makes me bored. I am active ald lead a healthy lifestyle - thanks to Proquest."

Shashi Vadana Reddy

"This is the Best Gym in Hyderabad. It has a world class equipment for all types of workouts. Every workout is amazing with Great results."

Rahul Jala

1. TRAINERS are involved cheerful working, good co-ordination and flexible. 2. Training sessions are Comprehensive. 3. Higene factors are Excellent. 4. Reception always welcoming and nice. 5. Nutrition support is good and appreciable. 6. Security always alert. 7. Massage is very good 8. Facilities are Too Good Particularly Changing room. 9. Co-ordination among staff is Good.

Anand Koraganji


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