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Fitness Articles

Blast Your Abs Without A Single Crunch

To truly carve your core, get up off the floor. Certain upper-body moves fire up your six-pack muscles as much as—if not more than—crunches. A new study in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that several lat and shoulder exercises on the cable machine work your abs more than a classic situp.

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Cardio or Weights First?

If you’re keeping score in the debate over which part of your workout comes first, a new study seems to add a point in the column for cardio. About 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise before hitting the weights results in a bigger boost to your testosterone levels than doing the same workout in reverse

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Few basic rules for a Healthy Heart

Are you doomed to heart disease? Given the fact that it’s the most common killer of men, you’d be forgiven for thinking as much. But that’s nonsense. Science has produced some nearly surefire strategies for not only treating a stricken ticker but also avoiding heart trouble in the first place.

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Stop Sneezing, Start Sleeping

Losing sleep? Check the pollen count: 44 percent of people with allergies report waking up fatigued, despite getting a normal night’s sleep, finds a new study in Internal Medicine. Blame your breathing, says Dr. Jonathan Horbal, D.O., fellow of allergy immunology at University Hospitals in Cleveland. A congested nose means less oxygen for your body, leading to

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