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Fitness Club

Proquest is the solution to a very simple yet highly frustrating and increasingly common problem

Gyms these days are highly crowded not to mention sometimes under-equipped. As a result, people end up waiting for their turns on the machines in turn wasting their time. Clients are unable to attain the optimum level of exercise that they are looking for, which in turn leaves them disinterested and unsatisfied. Judging these trends, we at ProQuest have designed what is arguably the Largest Gym Facility(18,000 sq.ft) in the twin cities with five star rating equipped with the world class Strength and cardio equipment.

ProQuest is the only gym in the twin cities that maintains unmatched standards in meeting the Fitness needs of its Clients. The Facility has a a full fledged Aerobic studio, Spinning Studio and a Cardio Kick Boxing Studio equipped with DJ console and Lasers. All of our strength and cardio equipment comes from Cybex and Precor, which are internationally recognized fitness equipment specialists. Being the biggest gym facility in Hyderabad today, we are able to provide 36 Cardio stations.

The Gym has spacious wash areas with Steam and Masseur services . Each client is provided with Locker facility and Valet parking.

ProQuest give equal importance to Exercise and diet. In this endeavor, the gym is equipped with a 'Bio Impedance Body Composition Analyzer' that gives a snap shot of ones body's composition in the terms of fat, muscle and bone mass. A Certified Fitness Nutritionist is available to help the client restructure their diet by employing various diet modules like...Detox diet, Fruit Flush, Protein Diet, Fat Loss Diet Etc...based on clients fitness goals.

To make life simpler, ProQuest has ties with NeuLife Supplements and provides its clients with genuine Dietary supplements at discounted prices.

A Fitness Consultant with 23 years of experience in fitness industry is available round the clock for fitness counseling and orientation.He is available to deal with any Fitness related queries.

With all the above mentioned features available at our facility, why Wait anywhere else for a session on the Treadmill or for someone to finish doing their weights. Come Join Us, We have something for EVERYONE!

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